The world's first standardized and free Computer Science test for basic education.

With our test we show if the students are acquiring the fundamental knowledge and skills of Computer Science. Based on the standards that the United States and the United Kingdom have determined for their students in basic education.

Test from 08 to 11 years old Test from 12 to 20 years old
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HiCode Education?


Is trustworthy

We promise to update the tests whenever there is a change in the standards in the that we base And we will not make any difference in the test according to each country.
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It's transparent

We know you want the best education for your daughter and son, but sometimes it is difficult to know if the school you chose is doing well with respect to 21st century knowledge and skills.
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It's free

Why pay to know what they are my knowledge? The first step to an equitable education is to know the knowledge current and work to reach the desired ones. We hope that this test can be of great utility for you.

Is it important that my daughter or son learn Computer Science?

It is likely that many of us ask ourselves this question, and although the answer is definitely yes, without any doubt. The best way to understand the answer is through another question. It is important that my daughter or son learn to read and write? The answer is again definitely yes, because We live in a world where we mostly communicate in this way. The same thing happens with technology. We live in a world where almost all of us use technology to work, communicate, leisure, fun, investigate, even to prepare us a coffee. So... Why shouldn't we learn it?

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HiCode Education
For the future, start today.

Technology has allowed that there are almost no barriers in our world to communicate, to work, investigate, have fun, learn, etc. But all these advantages bring with them the responsibility to learn our role in the digital world, how this technology works, how to take care of ourselves the dangers that exist and how to create solutions on a global level. We do this at HiCode Education. More info >


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