Our history

HiCode was founded in order to reduce the educational gap in the digital world knowledge, today not all children and young people in the world have access to digital education, which places them in unequal conditions and makes them vulnerable by not knowing the technology world in which they are immersed. We are aware that the educational gap does not only encompass the digital, but we will take care of that soon.

Our mission

Give every child and youth in the world the knowledge and skills of Computer Science essential for their basic education and interaction with the real world.

Our standards

To define our standards, we first investigated different proposals for different countries and for various ages. After much research, we decided to stick with 03 standards for his demand and its holistic vision in the development of each student. This is where it started hard investigative work and analysis by our team of founders who, with their knowledge psychology and computer science made the HiCode standards possible Education. HiCode Education standards are defined with the aim of being global. They are standards that we must all acquire basic education to guarantee an equal education for all. Standard HiCode includes a special section for teachers, as we believe it is equally important define desirable expectations for those who will teach Computer Science.
Finally, we would like you to know that we are constantly working on improving our standards, Each version of HiCode Education in addition to showing the changes and improvements of the content of our Study Plan, it also shows improvements to our standards.


Ours certifications

Our Study plan based on HiCode Education standards allow each student who has successfully completed our 03 courses, HiCode First Steps, HiCode Exploring Technology y HiCode Computer Science for all obtain any of the following recognized diplomas and certificates. These certifications are not required to be obtained unless you have in your plans that your daughter or son apply to a university in United States or United Kingdom. They are also important to other major universities of the world outside the two countries mentioned. The details of this information will be provided to you in a timely manner or when you request it.

Our philosophy

At HiCode Education we believe that the education offered today should be for the future, not for today and must be at reach of all children and youths in the world. It is through learning Computing and Programming that will close the existing educational gap guaranteeing a equal opportunities in their interaction with the world.
You should know that HiCode Education is a team of professionals with the goal of an equal and equitable education for all. And we will achieve this goal with research and demand. We want to make it very clear that we are not education businessman.

Our values


We are a committed team with global education. We work with passion commitment and demand looking for to offer a quality education.


We seek that our students formulate the correct questions that allow them to enhance their talents and abilities.


We design new ways of teaching achieving learning innovation of IT and Computing.


We favor environments of exchange of views to ensure the continuous improvement of our services.

Our culture

We are a team that shares the passion for a global quality education with the self-commitment and self-demand to improve day by day. Do you think you'd fit in well?

Looking for the highest educational experience in Computer Science for your daughter or son?

Our courses